Valentin Loellmann was born and raised in southern germany (1983). Together with his four siblings, he grew up in an environment of shared creativity. As a child, a strong sensibility regarding his surroundings and details laid the foundations to his creative spirit and ambition. He has carried these influences on through his personal growth. They kept motivating his work in different aspects and along different states of mind. An experience, a mood or a feeling in relation with his direct surroundings can be the impetus to create. Whether perceived as a collector, a dreamer, a craftsman, designer or an artist, Valentin continuously aim to express the balance and reciprocity between the past and the present, the natural and the artificial.

In 2010, right after his graduation from art school, Valentin started to create unique furniture pieces and quickly built up his atelier in an old factory building in the center of Maastricht (NL). After making the building his own, it now crystalizes his thoughts, inspirations and emotions, to an extent that it feels home.

In 2015 studiovalentinloellmann was founded and next to the creation of furniture pieces and objects it is also focusing on indoor and outdoor spaces, extentions and atmospheres.

In the past years, collaborations with galleries and private commissioners have framed a considerable part of Valentin's work. The acclaim of the pieces displayed at art fairs such as Art Basel, Collective NewYork, Pavillion Art and Design Paris/London - where the springsummer console has been awarded PAD London's Best Contemporary Design Piece in 2013 - have also been of great reward and influence. These experiences have opened a new spectrum in which reflection on and dedication to the process is almost an end in itself, giving a new impulse to the work.



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